Uganda and Anti-gay Bill Push LGBT Activists Into Action

Sexual violence in conflict – what use is the law?

Through conflict after conflict, sexual violence persists, not just as individual crimes but as a weapon of war, from the Balkans to the Congo, from Liberia and Sierra Leone to present day Iraq. It persists, says Madeleine Rees, the secretary general of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, because it’s effective.

Working to prevent it and cope with its effects is a dauntingly wide-ranging task, which entails tackling deep-seated attitudes at the core of societies, as well as the provision of medical help, emotional support and legal advice to the victims.


Understanding reproductive health choices in low and middle income countries Chibok girls – do we really care?
Conference on Music and Sexuality
Arizona, USA
Nov 10 - 12, 2016
2016 International Symposium on Gender Studies
Warsaw, Poland
Dec 3, 2016
Elimination of Violence Against Women Conference
Quartier Militaire, Mauritius
Nov 25, 2016
23rd Congress of World Association for Sexual Health
Prague, Czech Republic
May 28 - 31, 2017
International Conference on Sexuality 2017: Health, Education and Rights
Bangkok, Thailandd
July 17-19, 2017
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Closing the Gaps in Sexual Education for People with Disabilities
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Understanding reproductive health choices in low and middle income countries
When, a woman chooses to have her first child has a significant impact on the economic opportunities available to her later in life. If a woman delays having her first child, this often allows her to make more choices such as pursuing an education and achieving economic independence. The question is how do we make it easier for women make this choice? First, we need to understand her underlying motivations.MORE
Chibok Girls – Do we really care?
The world united in a campaign to demand #BringBackOurGirls after the abduction of the Chibok school girls two years ago by the Nigerian jihadist group Boko Haram. But there has been next to nothing in the way of support to the women that have managed to escape the militants. They are now homeless, reduced to begging to survive, and forced to deal alone with the trauma of their ordeal.MORE


Family Life and HIV Education for Junior Secondary Schools: Students' Handbook

Family Life and HIV Education for Junior Secondary Schools: Students' Handbook, 2nd Edition 
This handbook aims to empower young people with the knowledge and skills to live happy and healthy lives. It provides answers to many of the questions young people usually have about the physical and emotional issues they face during

The Evaluation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education Programmes

The Evaluation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education Programmes 
This report represents an important milestone in our understanding of advances in the field of comprehensive sexuality education evaluation.DOWNLOAD

Adolescent Boys and Young Men

Adolescent Boys and Young Men
This report takes a deeper look at the daily lives of adolescent boys and young men around the world and at how they can join the movement towards improved health and gender equality.DOWNLOAD

"I Will Never Be Cut": Kenyan Girls Fight Back Against Genital Mutilation

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